Proj Overview

Project Overview

The 6-level, 193,000-square-foot Midwestern University Multispecialty Medical Clinic includes a 294-chair Dental Institute, a Family Medicine Practice, a Speech-Language Institute, a Physical Therapy Institute, an optometry clinic, and a Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Clinic.

Dental portion of the building contains procedure and operatory areas, CAD/CAM rooms, sterilization and wet labs, offices and classrooms. The structure includes an 8,600-square-foot, roof-top mechanical penthouse.

A teaching facility, the project features graduate healthcare students offering care under faculty supervision and is part of a Midwestern University $289.9 million capital construction plan.

Precast Solution

The building’s exterior consists of brick and precast concrete architectural panels that bear on concrete decks, pre-finished metal panels, and blue glass wrapping windows.

The project utilized 211 non-insulated, precast concrete wall panels totaling 44,000 square feet. Of these, 106 panels were brick clad and 105 were acid etched. The bands of concrete in the brick-clad panels were also acid etched.


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Project Team

Architect and Engineer of Record

DWL Architects + Planners, Inc. 


Chanen Construction Company 


Midwestern University 


Lombard Architectural Precast Products Company (LAPPCO) 

Precast Specialty Engineer

Losch Engineering Corporation

Key Project Attributes

  • High quality architectural aesthetics   
  • Brick-clad and acid-etched precast wall panels   
  • Achieved quick building enclosure on tight schedule    

Project/Precast Scope

  • Six stories   
  • 193.000 square feet
  • 294-chair dental institute
  • 31,000 square foot Multispecialty Clinic with speech and physical therapy treatment rooms   
  • 44,000 square feet of precast concrete wall panels   
  • 106 brick-clad wall panels   
  • 105 acid-etched solid wall panels   
  • Longest brick-clad spandrels measure 43’11” long, 14’8” tall, and 6 ½” thick