Proj Overview

Project Overview

Located in a highly developed and congested urban/industrial neighborhood, this project is utilized by multiple modes of transportation, including commercial truck traffic, local business access, local commuters, public transportation, bicyclists, and commercial and commuter trains. This project involved fitting two new bridges in, around, and over the highly developed neighborhood. With constraints limiting the grade, width, and alignment, designers were pushed to come up with innovative solutions.
The ability of the design-build team to use precambered precast concrete girders over the railroad tracks is a stunning achievement that demonstrates that prestressed girders can be used in applications where previously they would not have been considered. The design-build team did an excellent job meeting an aggressive schedule, allowing the project to be completed 12 months earlier than anticipated.

Precast Solution

The use of precast, prestressed concrete provided an excellent solution to a very complex site with several stakeholders and limited the construction impacts on the surrounding neighborhood.


2010 PCI Design AwardsTransportation Award: Best Bridge with Spans Between 76 and 150 Feet
Project Team




Concrete Technology Corp.

Key Project Attributes

  • Project to be completed 12 months earlier than scheduled
  • Precambered precast concrete girders over the railroad tracks

Project/Precast Scope

  • Bridge length: 685 feet
  • Deck area: 29,924 square feet
  • Bridge width: 53 feet
  • Precast girders used: WF-58G