Proj Overview

Project Overview

Administrators at Binghamton University set an ambitious program to revamp their on-campus student housing after a study showed that the existing facilities required upgrades that would cost more than 80% of the cost of new structures.

Their plan involved eight buildings encompassing 1.130 million square feet, which had to be built on a fast-track schedule.

Precast Solution

To help achieve this, designers specified load-bearing precast concrete wall panels, many embedded with thin brick. The design achieved three goals: construct it quick, maximize efficiency, and create a character that was appropriate for the campus.

The panels significantly reduced enclosure time compared to conventionally laid brick, saving approximately five months per building.

Cross-bracing was reduced by designing the panels to handle sheer forces parallel to the building’s face. Coupled with using precast concrete floor planks between braced bays, the structure offered an extremely efficient structural design.


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Project Team


Binghamton University, Binghamton, N.Y.

Precast Producer and Precast Specialty Engineer

U.S. Concrete, Euless, Tex.


Stantec Architecture Inc., Chicago, Ill.

Engineer of Record

David Chou & Associates 

General Contractor

LeChase Construction Services Inc., Rochester, N.Y. 

Key Project Attributes

  • Fabricating the precast concrete components under controlled conditions in the plant ensured high quality and tight tolerances, minimizing field adjustments and speeding up erection time, saving about five months per building.
  • Casting components off-site while site work was completed allowed precast concrete pieces to be ready for erection as soon as foundations were ready, speeding up construction.
  • Precast concrete’s aesthetic versatility provided a complementary look that blended all buildings into one unified appearance.
  • Embedded thin brick eliminated trades at the site and provided textured masonry look in a panelized system, minimizing long-term maintenance needs.
  • Load-bearing precast concrete walls combined with plank to eliminate time, material, and cost from design.
  • Staging panels off-site alleviated concerns for congestion and safety during construction on busy campus.
  • Precast concrete planks provided open span lengths that increased design flexibility for interiors.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Final four dormitories in eight-dorm complex.
  • 587,683 square feet (1.130 million square feet in total complex.
  • 1,981 precast concrete components, including load-bearing architectural precast concrete wall panels and planks.
  • 226,000 square feet of precast concrete panels.
  • Panels designed to handle shear forces parallel to the building’s face, reducing cross-bracing needs.
  • Finishes included embedded thin brick and acid-washed buff textures.