Proj Overview


To support the critical mission of the facility, which would incorporate more modern server electronics, a growing enterprise, and power protections such as fire and battery backup, an evolution in the design of the new data center was essential. The result was a Tier II, 5900-ft2, single-story hardened structure that features standard precast concrete construction with a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) rating of 250 mph wind gusts. The data center was designed to meet the structural requirements for the building and specific aesthetic goals.


The precast concrete panels were chosen to meet the specified architectural goals. The 8-in.-thick solid precast concrete panels feature a light sandblast finish on the upper portion and some of the precast concrete façade is painted to blend with surrounding buildings on Conway Corp’s downtown campus. Large exterior mechanical equipment was screened from view with a courtyard enclosed with precast concrete wall panels and hardened steel louvers.

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Project Team


SCM Architects


Engineering Consultants Inc.


Dayco Construction   


Conway Corporation

Precast Concrete Producer

Coreslab Structures (ARK)

Key Project Attributes

  • Design organized around several factors: site topography, relationship to the office buildings, pedestrian experience, and traffic flow.
  • Open stairs on the corners of the parking structure reveal lake views.
  • Plan to use metal panels on the exterior was scrapped in favor of using precast concrete
  • Producer was engaged by contractor to help meet an aggressive schedule for design and production.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 7129 ft2 of 8-in.-solid wall panels feature a light sandblast finish
  • 3834 ft2 32-in. double-tees for roof
  • Precast concrete wall panels and double-tee roof structure met owner’s requirement for a facility that would protect critical infrastructure from major storms.