Proj Overview

Project Overview

Rosa Parks Apartments is a 94-unit community-based affordable rental apartment development consisting of 8 buildings scattered across 21 city lots. It was critical that the buildings be economical to build and sustainable for long-term operation and maintenance.

Precast Solution

The precast used for the project allowed the building system to be tight and energy efficient, largely due to the size of the panels, allowing for reduced exterior joints. The insulated wall panels featured cast-in brick on the street facades and a painted brick pattern on the rear. The different colors of the brick panels blend in well with the surrounding neighborhood at the different locations and contrast nicely with the bay windows.

Due to the location, one challenge for this project was maintaining security during construction. Precast allowed the builders to place the panels, install the windows and doors, and secure the building quickly with minimal weather setbacks.


2010 PCI Design AwardsBest Multi-family Building
Project Team


Landon Bone Baker Architects 


GFGR Inc. 


Rosa Parks Limited Partnership 


Humboldt Construction Co.


Prestress Engineering Co. LLC

Key Project Attributes

  • The use of precast created sustainable long-term operation and maintenance
  • The efficiency of precast maintained security during construction
  • The different colors of the precast brick panels blends in with surrounding neighborhood

Project/Precast Scope

  • Area: 130,338 ft2 (gross area of eight buildings)
  • Project Cost: $22.6 million
  • Number of stories: 3–4
  • 739 panels