Proj Overview

Project Overview

Precast concrete can be an energy efficient, prefabricated housing alternative designed for vacant infill sites in urban neighborhoods. The design for this specific house provides a bridge across the perceived schism between green design and economic viability. The architect initially considered constructing the house of cast-in-place concrete but found it to be cost prohibitive as well as problematic in terms of satisfying insulation needs in this particular climate.

Precast Solution

The architect realized that precast concrete insulated panels would be a better solution and worked closely with the precaster to develop details to accomplish the fairly complicated geometry of the house. The ultimate goal is to have the precaster be an integral part of making customizable homes that address individual preferences and site-specific requirements.


2010 PCI Design AwardsBest Single Family Building
Project Team

Architect & Engineer

GRO Architects PLLC, New York, N.Y. 


Denise Carpenter, Jersey City, N.J. 


Octagon Construction, Carteret, N.J.

Precast Specialty Engineer

Kercher Engineering Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast was less problematic in terms of satisfying insulation needs in the particular climate
  • Precast enabled the designer to develop the complicated geometrical details

Project/Precast Scope

  •  Area: 1600 ft2
  • Number of stories: 2
  • 18 unique precast concrete insulated panels
  • Project Cost: $265,000