Proj Overview

Project Overview

As a social, cultural, and recreational center, the pavilion unifies beach, river walk, and picnic area just off a historic road into a healthy expression of community development. Poured concrete was first considered for the exterior walls and main floor structure, but the cost was overwhelming. Precast panels were then proposed as an alternative.

Precast Solution

A local manufacturer/supplier had 13 panels recovered from a deconstructed retail store. The design challenge was to integrate these reused concrete insulated precast panels during the design development phase. The panels cover 40% of the exterior wall surfaces. Other than cutting and modifying each panel and slightly adjusting the architectural design for a seamless integration, the installation was quite simple and easy.


2010 PCI Design AwardsBest Government or Public Building
Project Team


Smith Vigeant Architectes 




Otterburn Park, Canada 


Armtec/Groupe Tremca

Key Project Attributes

  • Reused precast panels cover 40% of the exterior wall surfaces
  • The overwhelming price of traditional poured concrete persuaded designers to choose reused precast panels

Project/Precast Scope

  • 13 panels recovered from a deconstructed retail store
  • Area: 8698 ft2
  • Number of stories: 2