Proj Overview

Project Overview

Given the programmed use of this building as a speculative office building and the implied rectilinear form associated with this building use, a key design challenge was how to address this aesthetic in an interesting, distinctive, and cost-effective manner. The use of precast facilitated meeting these challenges.

Precast Solution

Precast extensions at selected window head and sill locations provided a play of sunlight and shadows on the building surfaces that change as sunlight angles rotate throughout the day and provide depth to the overall fenestration. These precast profiles were incorporated into the standard sections of precast formwork that enriched the building fenestration in a cost-effective manner. Light and airy precast parapet caps at the top of the building “float” above well-crafted precast fins, providing a delightful transition from the typical building facade to the sky above.

The self-structure capability of the precast facilitated this expression without use of additional structural steel support framing. The inherent structural and weathertight durability of the precast allowed an economical building fenestration material without requiring additional structural subframing or weatherproofing barriers.


2010 PCI Design AwardsBest Office Building: High-Rise
Project Team




Walter P. Moore and Associates Inc. 


Skanska Building USA Inc., Tampa, FL 


Metropolitan Life Insurance Co./ Metlife Real Estate Investments, Tampa, FL 


Gate Precast Co. 

Precast Specialty Engineer

Precast Design Solutions, Concord, ON, Canada

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast efficiency provided weather tight durability
  • Precast fins provided a transition from typical facades
  • Precast resiliency facilitated design expression without use of additional structural steel support framing

Project/Precast Scope

  • 265,800 ft2
  • 10 stories
  • 483 precast panels
  • Sandblast finish