Proj Overview

Project Overview

When the architect set out to design Citi Field for the New York Mets, the firm borrowed heavily from both the architecture of a classic stadium and the construction components from a nearby modern arena.

The design of the baseball-only, $800-million venue combined elements reminiscent of Ebbets Field, home of the beloved Brooklyn Dodgers, with materials that were cost-efficient and easily constructed.

Precast Solution

Among the architectural elements are more than 250,000 square feet of precast concrete grandstands consisting of risers and tubs that provide secure seating that was erected quickly.

In designing the tubs, the precaster adapted existing forms to reduce lead time and speed up the manufacturing timetable. All tub modifications, including self-stressing work, were done in-house. The complex tub and riser forms were created from wood.
Forty-two percent of the ballpark’s seats are located in the concourse (or lowest) seating level. The contoured seating configuration enabled by the precast concrete components brings spectators closer to the field on all levels.


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Project Team


HOK Sport+Venue+Event 


WSP Cantor Seinuk 

General Contractor

Hunt/Bovis Lend Lease Alliance II, a joint venture 


Mets Development Co. 

Precaster and Precast Specialty Engineer

High Concrete Group LLC 

Key Project Attributes

  • Fabricating the precast concrete components under controlled conditions in the plant ensured high quality and tight tolerances, minimizing field adjustments and speeding up erection time.
  • Casting components off-site while site work was completed allowed precast concrete pieces to be ready for erection as soon as foundations were ready, speeding up construction.
  • Contoured seating configuration provided by risers and tubs allowed spectators to sit closer to the field.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Major-league baseball park with elements reminiscent of original Ebbets Field.
  • $800-million project holds 45,000 fans.
  • 279,021 square feet of precast concrete components, including risers and seating tubs.