Proj Overview

Project Overview

Designers of the Kent Avenue Apartments wanted to stress sustainability for every element of the elderly affordable-housing complex.

The key challenge was keeping it economical for the developer while achieving LEED certification.

Precast Solution

A total precast concrete structure, consisting of wall panels, hollowcore planks, and other elements, provided the most affordable option for coordinating all of the building elements. The precast concrete contributed by using materials efficiently, reducing construction waste, site disturbances, and noise and producing a building that is energy and resource efficient.

Highly durable, long-lasting precast concrete building systems return greater savings than other construction materials due to reduced floor-to-floor heights, reduced site time, rapid installation and a longer life spans.

The panels erected on the front of the structure were a combination of brick-face and sandblast and produced an aesthetically pleasing upscale-looking facade.


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Project Team


KC Architects Associates Inc. 


Robert R. Rosen Associates

General Contractor

Tri-County Real Estate Maintenance Co. 


Kent Street Senior Citizens Housing LP 

Precaster and Precast Specialty Engineer

Nitterhouse Concrete Products 

Key Project Attributes

  • Fabricating the precast concrete components under controlled conditions in the plant ensured high quality and tight tolerances, minimizing field adjustments and speeding up erection time.
  • Casting components off-site while site work was completed allowed precast concrete pieces to be ready for erection as soon as foundations were ready, speeding up construction.
  • Precast concrete’s aesthetic versatility provided an attractive finish that was economical while offering a traditional, solid appearance. 
  • Embedded thin brick eliminated trades at the site and provided textured masonry look in a panelized system, minimizing long-term maintenance needs.
  • Precast concrete structural system erected the entire shell quickly, allowing interior trades faster access.
  • Total-precast concrete system consolidated framing and façade with one supplier, ensuring no communication issues and close scheduling of components.
  • Sustainable features of precast concrete helped building achieve LEED certification.
  • Precast concrete’s inherent fire resistance not only provided a safe environment but prevented a fire that occurred during construction from slowing construction.
  • Precast concrete’s durability supported 61,000-pound rooftop solar system.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 5-story, 88,000-square-foot affordable-housing complex for low-income, elderly residents.
  • Total precast concrete structural system used including panels, hollow core and other components.
  • Multiple finishes used, including two colors of embedded thin brick and tan and gray face mixes.
  • Original plan to paint gray form-finished panels was changed when finish looked so good in natural form.