Proj Overview

Project Overview

Upon needing a replacement for a maintenance facility that had spatial concerns as well as leaking and structural issues, the Board of Lincoln County Commissioners decided to go with precast concrete for the new Lincoln County maintenance facility because of precast’s continuous insulation system and lack of long-term maintenance.

The new building has corrected all the former issues and has streamlined the maintenance process. This new maintenance facility is much larger than the former structure, which allows the county to better keep up with the routine maintenance on all the county vehicles. Also, the interior temperature of the maintenance facility throughout the summer/winter has improved dramatically due to the precast continuous insulation.

Missoula Concrete Construction was able to keep the acid washed panels consistent in tone from panel to panel. “We have been very pleased with both the color and performance of the precast panels from Missoula Concrete. If we were to do this project all over again, we would absolutely choose precast again” ~Rick Becker -Owner/Public Works Director

While the project was under construction for 4 months, the precast portion was under construction for only 10 days with 6 days of erection.

Some of Missoula Concrete Construction’s past projects include the Garlington Lohn & Robinson Office Building and the Washington Grizzly Stadium Expansion in Missoula, MT and the Bobcat Stadium Expansion in Bozeman, MT.


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