Proj Overview

Project Overview

The New Brunswick Gateway Transit Village is a new and unconventional interpretation of a residential urban center, offering people a place to live, work, and shop in a central locale without relying on automobiles. The new development features a mixed-use, transit-oriented design consisting of a 24-story building with a new pedestrian walkway adjacent to a New Jersey Transit/Amtrak station.

At its core is a 10-story precast concrete parking structure with 697 parking spaces topped by a 14-story, steel-frame and hollow-core residential tower. The tower holds 150 apartments and 42 condos. The structure is surrounded by offices and a series of street-level commercial spaces.

Precast Solution

Initially, the designers considered a thin-brick facade to match other parts of the structure, but later they switched to exposed concrete for the podium, which lent the building an minimalist elegance while also helping to speed construction and reduce costs. The decision to use high-strength, densely reinforced walls reduced field labor by concentrating the load in fewer walls, thereby yielding a more economical design.

The majority of the parking structure was cast in a standard buff architectural mix and finished with a light sandblast. Simple reveals in a rectangular pattern bring scale to the horizontal spandrels and complement the openings between them on the way to the upper stories, creating a light and airy structure that fits easily with the surrounding architecture.


2014 Design AwardsHonorable Mention: Retail Building
Project Team


New Brunswick Development Corp 


Meltzer/Mandl Architects PC 


High Concrete Group LLC 

Engineer of Record

Severud Associates 


AJD Construction

Key Project Attributes

  • Exposed concrete for the podium lent the building a minimalist elegance
  • Precast helped speed construction and reduce costs
  • Parking structure was cast in a standard buff architectural mix and finished with a light sandblast

Project/Precast Scope

  • Project Cost: $150 million
  • Project Size: 632,000 sq.ft (57,800 sq.m)
  • 697 parking spaces topped by a steel-frame and hollow-core residential tower, holding 150 apartments and 42 condos