Proj Overview

Project Overview

The 39-story multifamily residential complex at 2250 Lakeview Drive offers residents a breathtaking view of Chicago's lakefront and skyline. The unique residential structure has been dubbed the Vertical Gold Coast by local Realtors because it offers some of the most exclusive properties in the Chicago area.

"The architectural precast concrete facade, which features more than 2000 separate pieces, lends an air of luxury and decadence to the building", says Kellen DeCoursey, assistant project manager for Walsh Construction, the contractor. "I love that his project's design steered away from the more common glass and metal-paneled high-rises that you see throughout Chicago and much of the nation," DeCoursey says. "The classic design and old-world feel of this building make it a long-standing jewel for Chicago and the neighborhood of Lincoln Park for years to come."

The use of architectural precast concrete was key to meeting the owner's aesthetic and practical goals. The architectural precast concrete panels, column covers, and other pieces cover more than 200,000 ft 2 (18,600 m 2 ) of the building, providing a beautiful look and feel with an exterior that will stand up to harsh weather conditions for years to come.

Overall, the design creates an illusion of three separate towers. The designers took advantage of the flexible color and design options that precast concrete offers to incorporate different design schemes across the building, giving each tower a unique color and custom detailing. The precast concrete pieces also incorporate intricate reveals, detailed balcony railings, and carefully designed exterior finishes that speak to the exceptional finishes found inside.

Precast Solution

Select sections of the structure incorporate the use of thin-brick panels to create further interest and detail unexpected in such a large structure, DeCoursey says. "Working with the architect and High Concrete, we were able to achieve detailed cornices and reveal patterns and to interface seamlessly between other facade materials, including the windows, steel trellis, and mansard roofing."

Choosing precast concrete also helped the contractor manage the tight confines of the project site, which is located in a crowded and high-traffic area of Chicago. "We were able to minimize the impact to the overall size of the site and lay-down area by dedicating specific trucking paths and pick points for precast panels," DeCoursey says. Loads were delivered daily and picked up immediately so the trucks wouldn't have to linger.

"This is the most complex architectural precast project I have been involved with or have seen around the city," DeCoursey adds. "Working through challenging and complex shapes, drafting, and forming, the precaster was able to provide the owners and the residents of Chicago with a project that everyone can enjoy."


2014 Design AwardsBest Multi-family Building
Project Team


Lake Tower Development, LLC, Chicago, Ill. 

Precast Producer

High Concrete Group, Denver, Pa. 


Lucien Lagrange Architects, Chicago, Ill. 

Engineer of Record

CS Associates Inc, Oak Lawn, Ill. 

General Contractor

Walsh Construction, Chicago, Ill. 


Ricker-Murphy Development, Chicago, Ill. 

Photo Credit

High Concrete Group LLC, Denver, Pa. 

Key Project Attributes

  • The use of precast concrete was key to meeting the owner's aesthetic and practical goals
  • Precast concrete offers flexible color and design options to incorporate different design schemes across the building
  • The convenience of precast concrete helped the contractor manage the tight confines of the project site

Project/Precast Scope

  • Project Size: 200,418 sq.ft (18,619 sq.m)
  • Project Cost: $13,122,416
  • 39-story multifamily residential complex
  • The precast concrete façade features more than 2000 separate pieces