Proj Overview

Project Overview

The four-level, 1.2-million square-foot Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) at Logan International Airport in Boston serves eight rental-car companies that need space to rent and service as many as 5,000 vehicles.

The original plan called for inset brick to complement historic residential buildings facing the structure on two sides. But the owners wanted a more contemporary look to blend with modern airport buildings on the other sides.

Precast Solution

Designers suggested a terracotta veneer on precast panels attached to a total-precast concrete structural system.
The panels feature 3/4-inch terracotta veneer sheets that were set into formliners with the concrete cast over them. Embedding the veneer into the panels saved about $1 million.

Bays feature interior moment frames between columns and tees. Structural walls and H frames shift lateral load-resisting elements to the perimeter so interiors could remain open without requiring shear walls.


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Project Team


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Boston
Garage Façade Architect


Parsons Brinkerhoff, Boston

General Contractor

Suffolk Construction, Boston




Blakeslee Prestress

Precast Specialty Engineer

Blakeslee Prestress

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast's aesthetic versatility allowed the unique exterior façade to be built.
  • Total precast structural system allowed long interior spans that facilitated layout and security.
  • Precast provides fire resistance.
  • Single-source supplier for structure and architectural panels improved efficiency and saved time and material costs.
  • Precast concrete's sustainable-design attributes, such as use of local materials and manufacturing, recycled materials, and minimal construction waste, helped theproject achieve LEED Silver certification.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Parking structure
  • 1.2 million square feet
  • 2,215 precast concrete pieces, including double tees, girders, columns, seismic H and moment frames, wall columns, spandrels, stairs, solid slabs, and wall panels.
  • Architectural wall panels embedded with terracotta veneer