Proj Overview

Project Overview

Route 112 in Worthington, Mass., needed a new bridge over the Kearney Brook. Designers selected all precast concrete elements and NEXT Beams, which greatly reduced the required labor on site. This efficiency allowed for the construction of the bridge to be completed in just 60 days.

Precast Solution

The two-lane bridge, 64 feet, 6 inches long and 30 feet wide, sits on a curved roadway with a brook that crosses it at a 30-degree skew angle. The NEXT Beams, which can match the required geometry of a site, were fabricated with skewed ends and a gentle curve on the overhang façade to match the roadway geometry.

A total of 30 precast concrete pieces were cast, including three 32-foot-long NEXT Beams and a variety of substructure elements. The construction was completed in 60 days, creating a beautiful bridge that will require little maintenance over the next 75 to 100 years.


2013 Design AwardsDesign Award Transportation: All-Precast Concrete Solution Award
Project Team


CME Associates, Inc., East Hartford/Woodstock, Conn. 

General Contractor

J.H. Maxymillian Inc., Waltham, Mass. 


Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Boston 


Dailey Precast LLC, Shaftsbury, Vt. 

Precast Specialty Engineer

Dailey Precast LLC, Shaftsbury, Vt.

Key Project Attributes

  • NEXT Beams provide fast erection and capability to skew ends to meet any road geometry.
  • Creating substructure and superstructure elements from precast concrete provides single-source supply and maximizes constructability.
  • Plant fabrication of components ensures high quality and close tolerances.
  • Precast concrete's durability provides a long service life.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 64 feet, 6 inches with skewed ends
  • 32 New England Extreme Tee (NEXT) Beams
  • Additional precast concrete components, comprising 8 footings, 6 abutment walls, 4 wing walls, 4 guardrail transition bases, and 8 approach slabs
  • Precast concrete erected in 10 days.