Proj Overview

Project Overview

This residence hall is a seven-story, 400-bed suite-style residence for upperclassmen. Suites are arranged to hold three single rooms, a double room, a central living room, and lavatory. Each floor also contains a central lounge with kitchen.

Precast Solution

The use of precast concrete panels in the construction of the hall became an essential part of the overall facility's success. Precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels, embedded with thin brick were used for the exterior. The edge to edge insulation and thermal mass generated an R rating of -14.25. The smooth troweled finish on the interior side of the panels was left exposed providing a durable interior finish, and also reducing potential for mold and the amount of drywall needed. The panels were self- loading with lateral tiebacks for wind loads.


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Project Team





Key Project Attributes

  • 35 days for installation of all precast concrete exterior wall panels
  • 4+ hour fire-rating
  • 14.25 R -Value
  • 54 Sound Transmission Coefficient