Proj Overview

New Hampton High School expanded their pre-existing building during the summer of 2018. The expansion included new athletic facilities, classrooms, a shop department and Middle School wing to accommodate their actively growing student population.

The expansion encircled the existing building, adding a middle school wing to the right of the high school and additional depth to the south end with classrooms and athletic facilities. A circled drive-through entrance showcases the modern appearance of the New Hampton Middle School by displaying the building’s sharp contrast of colors and textures with a silver metal sign overlay, dark beams, and red brick veneer. The building was functionally designed with two stories of classrooms that push down and around to the south end of the building in connection with the gym facilities. The east side of the building features a sunroof deck overlooking the football field for students and facility to enjoy as well.

Insulated architectural wall panels were designed with red thin-brick veneer to contrast the existing white brick exterior of the high school. A total of 207 panels were produced to cover the building addition. The panels consisted of insulated architectural wall panels for the exterior portion of the building as well as structural wall panels for the interior rooms. Six different styles of precast panels were used during the project. The panels varied in different sizes ranging from 14’ to 28’ in height. All exterior panels were finished with a thin brick veneer finish.

Precast was chosen for the design of the New Hampton project due to its versatile architectural capabilities. Because this project needed to be completed on a short time frame, precast allowed for fast erection times with a stunning brick exterior finish - cutting construction time in half compared to other construction materials.


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Project Team


Purdy and Slack Architects




Cresco Building Service, Inc.


New Hampton Community School District


Advanced Precast Company

Precast Specialty Engineer

Beton-Stahl, Inc.

PCI Certified Erector

Precast, LLC

Thin Brick Manufacturer

Endicott Thin Brick

Key Project Attributes

  • Athletic Facilities
  • Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Additional 2 stories of class rooms.
  • A Shop Department
  • Sun Roof Deck
  • Middle School Front Entrance

Project/Precast Scope

  • 45,527 square feet of precast
  • 207 panels
  • Two stories