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Milwaukee World Festival Inv. Administration Office (MWF) (Summerfest)

Milwaukee’s stormwater and flooding issues have been a major concern for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District MMSD and many local residents. RePlenish™ is designed to let the water return directly to the ground, significantly reducing the pressure on Milwaukee’s stormwater system. While filtering and recharging the local groundwater, harmful impurities are prevented from entering sewer and drainage systems as they pass over the RePlenish™ system.
This application of RePlenish™ has a water infiltrate of 500 inches per hour. The parking lot is laid out in a specific pattern to help maintain optimal efficiencies. The asphalt/parking lot is sloped slightly to the center where the RePlenish™ is located allowing water to run towards the system. Designing the parking lot in this fashion is an efficient and cost-effective method application of RePlenish™.


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J.H. Findorff and Son Inc.