Proj Overview
Only 30 minutes West of Chicago, the Elmhurst 255 Apartments were built with a beautiful, unique exterior finish that is the perfect place for anyone in the area to call home. Being a total precast project, the building solutions combine standard structural elements with precast elements to offer an efficient, aesthetically pleasing building and an accelerated timeline. With the use of Spancrete hollowcore, beams and columns, double tees and wall panels, this centralized apartment complex provides safety, resistance to weather extremes and virtually soundproof units for all tenants.

The combination of Spancrete products that were used to manufacture and erect this
apartment complex not only accommodate the utmost durability guaranteed to last a
lifetime, but 24-7 safety for each tenant as well. Precast was the best option for this 192 unit
complex due to its ability to provide strength, open spaces, and a low-maintenance upkeep.


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Project Team


HKM Architects and Planners


Lindsay and Associates, Inc.


Brian Pawlik


Morningside Construction Managers LLC



Key Project Attributes

  • Total precast
  • Hollowcore
  • Precast beams and columns
  • Double tees
  • Wall panels