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Efficient installation was critical because of the simultaneous construction of the nearby I-44 fly-over bridge. Situated a few miles from the outskirts of St. Louis, MO, Interstate 44 is a major corridor in and out of the city. Small and large businesses alike along with recreational destinations relied on the speedy construction of this interchange. KCI Construction favored precast concrete box sections manufactured by County Materials to meet these challenges. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) originally specified a cast-in-place concrete culvert system. KCI Construction immediately knew a precast concrete system would be a better alternative. The contractor offered MoDOT plans for using a precast system, and MoDOT quickly approved the new plans.

The contractor considered several factors to determine that precast was the best option. First and foremost was speed. Precast components are manufactured ahead of time in a state-of-the-art facility. This eliminates the need for a contractor to construct forms on site, pour wet-cast concrete, wait for the pieces to cure, and remove the forms. In this case, using precast concrete components, the contractor only needed to prep the site then set in place the completed box culverts. 

Another concern was the possible impact weather could play on cast-in-place systems. Frames and rebar could be damaged and unusable if it were to rain during the curing process, causing construction delays and additional costs. The contractor estimates that using ready-to-install components made offsite saved a minimum of three to four weeks of construction time.

In total, 140 feet of 5’ x 5’ precast concrete box sections and end sections were manufactured and delivered by County Materials. The box sections run underneath 44’ of covering. Precast box sections were a clear solution determined by the contractor from the beginning of the project and successfully met project demands during installation.


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Key Project Attributes

  • Speed, cost, and efficiency were all benefits of using precast box culverts.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 140 feet of 5’ x 5’ precast concrete box sections and end sections were manufactured and delivered by County Materials.