Proj Overview


The 220 SE 6th Office Building is a high quality addition to the fast-growing East Village area of Des Moines. The project offered a new home to the offices of PDM Precast and Metals as well as other companies forming the building ownership.  PDM Precast provided the precast members as well as the precast specialty engineering to support the owners’ and architect’s vision for the project.  The speed of precast erection coupled with the industrial/loft feel of the interior space allowed for a short construction timeline to be met.  The building effectively demonstrates precast concrete’s ability to meet both architectural and structural design needs on a cost and time effective basis.


Precast allowed the project to meet its many and varied needs.  From the use structural units to provide the superstructure for both the parking and office portions of the project, to fully insulated sandwich walls panels offering high insulation values and a brick architectural finish, precast offered the building designers the flexibility for the varied uses of the building.  The interior of the building utilizes exposed precast members including double tees, columns and beams to give the space an open, natural feel.


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Project Team


Simonson & Associates Architects L.L.C.


Raker Rhodes Engineering, LLC


DCI Group


220 SE 6th Street Properties, LLC

Precaster & Precast Specialty Engineer

PDM Precast, Inc.

PCI Certified Erector

Northwest Steel Erection, Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • Thin-Brick Veneer cast into insulated precast panels 
  • Exposed Precast interior
  • Open spans and high ceilings for spacious open office feel  
  • Attached parking deck servicing building and neighboring businesses

Project/Precast Scope

  • 441 Precast Pieces
  • 91,000 square feet of Double Tee structural units in both the parking deck and office building.
  • 16,000 square feet of insulated brick cladded panels 
  • 3 story, open-span building