Proj Overview

Project Overview

Yellowstone Club is a 15,200-acre private residential community nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. One of the most recent additions to this community is the exclusive and unique Yellowstone Club Village Core, a collection of five structures that provide luxury residences, ski facilities, and private ski club access, along with unique amenities and a gathering space for the community.

The designers of this high-end destination originally considered a cast-in-place design. However, a total structural precast concrete solution was ultimately chosen to accelerate construction and provide a more durable set of structures.

Using emulative design to convert the project from cast-in-place to precast concrete, the designers were able to cut 24 months from the construction timeline, allowing them to finish the project in just one year.

To meet the aggressive timeline, the stakeholders facilitated a fast-track schedule through four seasons. Throughout the project, workers battled extreme weather and several severe freeze-thaw cycles.

Rocking Mountains

The use of precast concrete helped the team meet the Category D seismic design requirements necessary for the location, which is in the Yellowstone supervolcano area. The added seismic support included grouted joints and connections, redundancy in concrete reinforcements, seismic hooks, and the use of vertical grout. The vertical grout joints are closure pours with stirrups projecting out of the walls. An additional cage built and installed in the cavity prior to casting adds a rigid frame with members that can withstand seismic loads.

To overcome framing difficulties created by fixed column locations, shallow and long-span heavily prestressed beams, and multiple locations of transfer-framing beams, the team took a deliberate and proactive approach to achieve required top of precast concrete elevations. Solutions included monitoring beam cambers in predicted problem areas and setting vertical framing elements, including columns and walls, at predetermined elevations.

Among the most innovative elements of this project are the 96 monolithic precast concrete balcony slabs. These balconies are a completely new product line for the precast producer and required design and installation of a new custom production facility at the Colorado Springs, Colo., plant. The production of the uniquely shaped balcony elements, many of which feature drastically different geometry, required bidirectional prestressing of many members. Prestressing during casting of the primary tension member was followed by post-tensioning of the cantilevered slab to resolve negative moments.

Extensive coordination among the design, engineering, general contractor, and precast producer teams ensured that the rigorous project requirements were all met; the result is an elegant and inviting addition to this private mountainside community.


2020 Design AwardsSpecials Award: All-Precast Concrete Solution Honorable Mention
Project Team


Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Mont.

PCI-Certified Precast Producer:

Stresscon Corp., Colorado Springs, Colo.

Precast concrete specialty engineer:

FDG, Arvada, Colo.


Hart Howerton, San Francisco, Calif.

Engineer of record:

Nishkian Menninger, San Francisco, Calif.


G.E. Johnson Construction Company, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Project cost:

$312 million

Project size:

485,716 ft²

Key Project Attributes

  • All structures meet or exceed International Energy Conservation Code guidelines and Category D seismic design requirements.
  • Ninety-six unique balcony elements required bidirectional prestressing of many members.
  • Switching from cast-in-place to precast concrete shortened the project schedule from three years to one year.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Build five luxury mountain buildings using a total structural precast concrete solution.
  • The project included 4,565 premanufactured components.
  • The project was completed in just 12 months.