Proj Overview
"The Tennessee Department of Transportation chose Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) to replace these bridges in Nashville. The two existing bridges were demolished and rebuilt over four weekends (Friday night through Monday morning). The contractor used over 200 employees working in 12 hour shifts. The bridges consist of 164 precast concrete beams and 264 full depth precast concrete deck panels (up to 40’ 0” x 9’ 6” x 9.5”). The panels were placed on top of the beams and grouted together with a high strength fast set concrete. This allowed traffic to drive on the structure within hours."


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Project Team


 Gresham Smith and Partners


 Bell & Associates Construction


 Tennessee Department of Transportation 

Project/Precast Scope

  • 164 precast concrete beams
  • 254 precast concrete panels
  • The two bridges were demolished and rebuilt over four weekends.