Proj Overview

Robert AM Stern Architects of New York in partnership with Alley Poyner Machietto Architects of Omaha, NE collaborated on the 240,000 square feet College of Business for the University of Nebraska.  The exterior is comprised of glass and precast concrete wall panels clad with natural limestone provided by US Stone Industries.  The 70,000 square feet of Silverdale limestone with a honed finish created a visually appealing facade.

The 3’x5’ stone pieces are attached to the precast at the precast facility with stainless steel anchor pins and shipped to the site in large panels.  This panelization of the stone in the plant minimizes the time and labor required to install the stone piece by piece at the jobsite.  Another advantage to the stone clad panels is it reduces the loading on the steel framed structure as the precast concrete panels are self-supporting and simply tied back to the steel structure. This allows for unique shaped panels to be designed and fabricated without additional framing.


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Project Team


AM Stern in collaboration with Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture 


TD2 Engineering


Hausmann Construction


University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Enterprise Precast Concrete

Precast Specialty Engineer

Enterprise Precast Concrete

PCI Certified Erector

Davis Erection

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Key Project Attributes

  • Stone clad precast minimized jobsite disturbance on a very tight sight on campus
  • Eliminated façade loading on the steel frame structure as panels were gravity loaded to foundation
  • Unique shape of panels are formed by the concrete, enabling the simple shapes of stone. The stone could then be fabricated in an efficient manner minimizing costs.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 70,000 SF of Silverdale Limestone clad precast (702 pieces of precast)
  • 6 story steel framed structure w/ Precast façade gravity supported to foundation
  • 2” Silverdale limestone attached to 6” thick solid precast concrete