Proj Overview

The Perfect Blend of Functionality & Aesthetics
This large and aesthetically pleasing garage is located in the heart of Liberty University’s campus. Through diligence and effort, Tindall was able to maintain budget, deliver on an aggressive and opportunistic schedule, and create a structure that seamlessly integrates into this world-class campus.

Up for the Challenge
At Tindall, challenging and unique builds are our specialty. With the structure built partially into a hill, Tindall was able to provide enough resistance through our precast components to resist not only the lateral soil loads, but the lateral seismic loads as well. With over 1,400 stalls and high lateral loads, Tindall worked with the design team to provide an open structure and limit shear wall sizes. This greatly improved the functionality of the garage.

Functionality is only the first step, however. At Tindall, the aesthetics of the project receive equal treatment, ensuring that each end product is both long-lasting and visually stunning. Given the length of the garage’s footprint, verticality was crucial for the aesthetic appeal. To achieve this, Tindall utilized architectural false columns among the columns and spandrels. The spandrels utilize a buff architectural mix with sandblast and reveals, except for the third level, where arched spandrels containing thin-set brick with standard and soldier coursings are utilized.


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