Proj Overview

A new access ramp to Newark Airport (Southern Access Roadway Project—SARP I) in New Jersey was built in 2001 with T-Wall® units, lightly sandblasted to match older existing concrete on nearby structures. The embankment behind the wall was subject to surcharge loading after the wall was built to purposely induce settlement. After the precast units adjusted to the final elevation, an adjustment cap was cast on top of the wall to accommodate the precast parapet.

A second access ramp (SARP II) was built near SARP I in 2002 as shown above. This wall was subject to similar settlement conditions. The simple elegance of the walls demonstrates how beauty can be achieved in functional roadway structures using simple, cost effective precast elements.


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Project Team


The Fort Miller Co., Inc.


Port Authority of New York & New Jersey




D’Annunzio & Sons (SARP I)
E. E. Cruz & Company (SARP II)