Proj Overview

Project Overview

To maximize footprint efficiency and align a new theater complex with an adjacent retail building, designers built the theater atop a three-level parking structure.

Precast Solution

The parking levels were created with a total-precast concrete structural framing system that saved a significant costs.

The building features three levels of precast concrete parking, one at grade level and two supported, with a steel-framed theater constructed on that base. A “podium” level was created with steel beams and cast-in-place concrete between the two structures to act as transfer beams to shift loading from the columns in the theater to the bay columns in the parking.

The building is adjacent to a two-story retail space on top of two levels of parking. The theater, on essentially the fourth floor of the new building, aligns with the adjacent top story, providing access to a food court that creates an entertainment/dining level across the two.


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Project Team

Key Project Attributes

  • Three-story, 247,503 square-foot precast concrete parking structure supports 82,501 square-foot theater level with steel framing.
  • Theater levels connects to food-court level in adjacent retail building featuring two levels of retail on top of two parking levels.
  • Podium level provides transfer columns to allow theater loading to shift to bay columns in precast concrete parking levels.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Total-precast concrete structural framing system comprising beams, columns, shaft walls, stair risers and landings, double tees, ramp walls, shear walls, and solid slabs.
  • Exterior panels are load-bearing, with nonload-bearing architectural precast concrete spandrels and panels used on the exterior.
  • The architectural panels include white cement with a light abrasive finish and an acid rinse.