Proj Overview
Constructed in two phases, this handsome building complex provides corporate offices, assembly space, and technical manufacturing space for Adtran Corp., which specializes in high-technology electronics. Cooper Carry provided full design services, including master planning, programming, interior design, and landscape architecture. The master plan calls for a future 500,000-square-foot corporate headquarters across the lake on the 17-acre site.

Architectural precast simulating red, flamed granite was selected because "it gives the buildings a sense of sturdiness and permanence without being flashy and ostentatious," says Jerry Cooper, design director for the project. "It also gave us an opportunity to create detail in an economical way." In addition to cladding the building and colonnades, precast was used for much of the hardscape, including terraces, walls and stairs. It also combined with brick pavers on many walkways.

Created with a mix of red-granite aggregate and black-beauty sand, the precast panels feature an exposed, retarded finish. "A lot of the success of the project was due to our being able to use a good retarder, supplied by Arcal," says George Spence of Metromont Prestress Company. "The project contains many deeply recessed windows and lots of detail, with two and sometimes three exposed surfaces. It was challenging to create a matching retarded finish on different surfaces on the same piece of precast."


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Project Team


Adtran Corp., Huntsville, Ala.

Precast Producer

(Phase IV)
Gate Precast Co., Ashland City, Tenn.

(Phase III)
Gate Precast Co., Monroeville, Ala.

(Phase III)
Metromont Prestress Co., Hiram, Ga.


Cooper Carry, Inc.

General Contractor

Universal Construction


Project/Precast Scope

  • Square footage: 410,000