Proj Overview

The North Central College Parking Deck is a cornerstone development aimed at enhancing the campus infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of its community. The project signifies a strategic approach to increase on-campus parking capacity while fostering a sustainable and efficient environment. Located on the south end of the campus, this four-level parking pavilion adds a substantial 427 parking spaces, contributing significantly to the college's infrastructure and its relationship with the surrounding community.

Project Details:

  • Functionality: The parking deck is meticulously designed with 116 spaces on Level 1 for commuters, faculty, staff, and visitors, while Levels 2 to 4 house 414 spaces designated for resident student parking. This distribution addresses the increasing demand for parking and alleviates on-street parking issues, promoting a more organized and safer campus layout.
  • Accessibility: With three vehicular ingress/egress points, including two on the north side and one at the southwest corner, the pavilion enhances safety, convenience, and the overall flow of campus traffic.
  • Precast Concrete Utilization: The selection of precast concrete was pivotal to the project, chosen for its efficiency, sustainability, and alignment with the college's long-term vision. A total of 351 precast components, including 192 double tees, were employed, ensuring a quick erection time of 30 days, minimal on-site disruption, and long-term structural integrity.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency: The project underscores the college's commitment to sustainable development, utilizing precast technology to minimize material waste and optimize resource utilization. The structural stability provided by the double tees ensures a robust foundation, enhancing the parking pavilion's load-bearing capabilities.

Design and Aesthetic Considerations:
The parking pavilion's design integrates seamlessly with the existing campus aesthetic, featuring stamped brick that complements nearby structures such as Merner Field House, the Residence Hall/Recreation Center, and New Hall. This design choice ensures aesthetic consistency while the precast structure's long-term durability, with a lifespan of over 100 years, underscores the college's dedication to sustainable and enduring development.

The North Central College Parking Deck project stands as a testament to strategic planning and sustainable construction, addressing immediate needs while envisioning future campus growth. It enhances the college's infrastructure, improves community relations, and sets a benchmark for future projects in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and design coherence.


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Project Team

PCI Precast Producer: Dukane Precast

Architect: Holabird & Root, LLC

Engineer: Larson Engineering

Contractor: Bulley Andrews

Owner: North Central College

Key Project Attributes

Accelerated Construction Schedule: Achieved a remarkable 30-day erection timeline, demonstrating efficiency and minimizing campus disruption.

Enhanced Structural Integrity: Utilized 192 precast double tees, ensuring the stability and safety of the multi-level parking structure.

Aesthetic Consistency: Features stamped brick design, harmonizing with nearby campus buildings such as Merner Field House, the Residence Hall/Recreation Center, and New Hall.

Long-Term Durability: Constructed with precast materials known for over 100 years of lifespan, offering enduring value and minimal maintenance.

Project/Precast Scope

Precast Concrete Volume: The project utilized approximately 192,549 square feet of precast concrete. A total of 351 precast components were used in the construction of the parking deck, including 192 double tees.