Proj Overview


This new 12-story mixed-use development anchors a prominent corner in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. A retail space grounds the building and helps to activate the pedestrian experience while 11 stories of apartments add much-needed height. Amenity spaces buffer the zone between the retail ground floor and the 329 apartment units above while 87 parking spaces offer residents secure parking.

The primary structural system is steel frame with girder slab and a precast concrete floor deck system. The second level construction is steel frame with a composite concrete deck system. A mix of brick lines the exterior base of the building with a stucco-like finish above. A window wall provides visual access to the street level, and the apartment window system offers views of the city skyline.


Hollow core precast slabs can be quickly and safely installed on site in variable weather conditions, reducing the number of workers needed, providing an immediate working platform, and minimizing disruption to residents during the construction process.

Hollow core offers unparalleled benefits beneath the exterior. One of the most critical benefits to building occupants is sound attenuation and privacy. Because the cavities within hollow core walls and floors dampen sound vibrations, there’s less noise transmission between spaces than with other types of building materials, such as conventional wood framing, and less intrusive overhead or next-door sounds. Used as floor-ceiling assemblies, the sound transmission class rating ranges from 47 to 57, and the impact insulation class rating starts around 23 for a plain slab and may be increased to over 70 with the addition of carpeting and padding.

Precast concrete offers passive fire protection, which means it does not rely on another system or person to take action. Constructed of inorganic elements, concrete provides a noncombustible environment that curtails fire danger and confines the damage to other materials into smaller compartments. It also offers up to a four-hour fire rating and passes a hose-stream pressure test, minimizing water damage from firefighting if an event were to occur. 


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Project Team


Southern Land Company


Soloman Cordwell Buenz

Engineer of Record:


PCI-Certified Precast Concrete Producer:

Boccella Precast

General Contractor:

INTECH Construction   

Key Project Attributes

  • Girder-Slab D-beams and 8” precast hollow core plank provide a composite steel-concrete structural floor with an overall structural depth of 8 ½" for more MEP space without increasing building floor to floor height.
  • Plant filled solid cores in 10” plank were more economical than precast solid slabs for use at balcony areas.
  • Plant cast and headered mechanical openings eliminated concrete saw cutting in the field and reduced on site noise, dust, and construction debris.
  • Long plank spans up to 29’-7” allow for maximum design flexibility for room layout.
  • Steel erector set an average 55 planks per day.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 342,000 SF mixed use complex with 329 residential units, retail, parking, and rooftop garden. The 12-story Girder-Slab shallow steel and precast hollow core plank structure enabled accelerated construction.
  • 312,000 SF  of 8” Ultraspan precast hollow core planks with 10” solid planks at the balconies.