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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) recently replaced Bridge 4470 over the Farmington River in Avon, CT. The project got under way in December of 2018 and was completed in June of 2020, three months ahead of schedule.

In addition to replacing the 100-foot long deteriorated bridge, the scope of work included the reconstruction and realignment of Route 10 at Old Farms Road with the new structure located to the north. The ancillary work on Route 10 included dedicated turn lanes, intersection improvements and drainage improvements.

Prestressed concrete structural elements played a key role in the project. Prestressed concrete beams of 137-feet in length cross the river in one clear span eliminating a pier. The old bridge had a support in the middle of the river that collected driftwood and debris restricting the flow of the river.

Rotha Contracting Company, also located in Avon, CT was awarded the job for $14.7M. While the New England bulb tee (NEBT) was part of the original design, Northeast Prestressed Products, LLC (NPP) and Rotha Contracting submitted an alternate design.

They proposed the PCEF bulb tee developed by the Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economical Fabrication as a design alternate. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) allows the PCEF bulb tee as a substitute for the New England bulb tee.

Fabrication at the NPP facility in Pennsylvania took place in June of 2019 and the 145,000 pound pieces were shipped to the job site via steerable trailers.  A 600 ton crane was required to pick up the huge beams and set them in place. The use of precast concrete accelerated construction schedule and minimized site disturbance along the river.

During the early stages of clearing the site, an archaeological survey of the area was completed in accordance with the requirements of the State Historic Preservation Office. During construction, archeologists uncovered thousands of artifacts dating back more than 12,000 years in what was named the oldest known Paleoindian site in New England.

With the new bridge open to the public, drivers no longer have to contend with poor sight lines and a sharp incline to cross the Farmington River at Old Farms Road. The replacement of the flood prone bridge with an elevated bridge was completed with minimal impact to the travelling public with only a two week detour and a completion date three months ahead of schedule.

Time lapse videos from ROTHA Contracting Company



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Project Team


Northeast Prestressed Products, LLC, Cressona, PA


Connecticut DOT


WMC Consulting Engineers, Newington, CT


ROTHA Contracting Company, Inc., Avon, CT

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Northeast Prestressed Products and ROTHA Contracting Company


Key Project Attributes

Precast Elements: (5) 32”/71” – 137.33’ 70.9 ton PCEF bulb tees

Project/Precast Scope

Sq. Footage: five girder lines,137-foot span