Proj Overview

Project Overview

The Denver Metropolitan Major League Stadium District by contract needed to provide more parking for the existing Coors Field Baseball Stadium. The task was to provide an additional 1200 stalls, the challenge was to do it in the off-season between October and April.

Precast Solution

KL&A, Inc. reached out to Rocky Mountain Prestress to help come up with a precast solution for this structure.  Part of the guidelines for design was to eliminate interior shear walls to provide a more open structure and better lines of site.

The original lateral resisting element was a piece of tube steel that was to be installed between precast columns and precast rectangular beams.  This occurred at every level in about (8) places within the garage.  Through the design process, Rocky Mountain Prestress re-designed the brace frames in to full height elements with steel kickers and varying thicknesses, all plant produced.  This solution reduced piece counts and installation time.


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Project Team


Studio Completive 


KL&A, Inc. 


PCL Construction 


Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District 



Precast Specialty Engineer

Salmons PC

Key Project Attributes

  • Time to Market
    • 7 Month Total Construction Duration
  • Modified Brace Frame in lieu of shear walls
    • Sense of security due to openness
  • Brick and form liner complemented the existing stadium design
  • Integrated stair design - Steel framing with precast stairs and landings