Proj Overview

Project Overview

Starz Encore wanted an office building design than incorporated Texas Granite on the exterior to match the adjacent Liberty Media building already under construction.  Rocky Mountain Prestress had 48 hours to prove we could match the Texas granite.  We went to work and used a series of clay molds to hand sculpt the granite textures.  We then poured form liner off of the clay molds.  The texture developed coupled with the right mix design provided the look the Architect an Owner desired. The Architect did not want to see any repetition in the stone textures therefore RMP developed 250 different granite molds to be used throughout the job.  RMP utilized precast soap pieces throughout the coursing to hide the precast panel joints.  Starz Encore core & shell finished erecting before the much smaller Liberty Media building could finish their granite cladding.


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Project Team


Barber Architecture


SA Miro


The Weitz Company


Starz Encore

Precaster and Precast Specialty Engineer


Key Project Attributes

  • Design Flexibility
  • Time to Market
  • Granite Textures
  • Acid Etch Finishes

Project/Precast Scope

  • 300,000 SF
  • Total Precast
  • (5) Stories
  • Free Standing Entablatures
  • 2,457 Precast Pieces
  • 85 Erections Days (3) with Cranes