Multifamily Residence Precast Concrete Podium Construction

Multifamily Residence Precast Concrete Podium Construction
Webinar: Precast Concrete Podium Construction for Multifamily Residential Structures. In the Midwest, multifamily residential structures are typically designed with underground parking. A popular design option for these structures is a precast concrete podium slab that acts as both a structural floor and as a transfer slab for wood and light gauge steel framed construction above. Because these slabs are situated above parking levels, they require higher fire ratings and reduced sound transmission levels.

This webinar will utilize case studies to illustrate precast concrete podium design considerations, showcase the advantages of using precast concrete for podiums, and highlight the different precast concrete products that can be used in multifamily residential podium construction. The presenters will explain how precast concrete satisfies IBC code fire rating requirements for podium construction and will cover rational fire design and restrained versus unrestrained diaphragm consideration.



Credits: Only available for attendance at the LIVE webinar
Cost: Free 

Presenters: Bob Clauson and Paul Kourajian, PE, FPCI (Molin Concrete Products Company)


5/10/2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Central Daylight Time

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