Hamilton Form has been exhibiting at the PCI Convention for almost 40 years. Attending the Convention gives us an opportunity to meet with many of our important customers who are PCI members and develop relationships with new members.

Talking with producers reminds us that every form we fabricate, each piece of equipment we build, is unique, just like our customers. We approach each project with our customers’ specific needs, production practices and short - plus long-term use in mind. Whether it’s a double tee, girder, piling, beam, wall panel, stadia, stairs or any structural and specialty member, we apply our experience and knowledge to design forms that are both practical and functional.

Hamilton Form also provides customized production equipment designed to mechanize production and improve efficiencies. We build utility/casting machines, stressing equipment, magnetic rails, vibrators, screeds, curing blankets, blanket rollers, steel and magnetic chamfer, tarps and steel embed and beveled plates. Much of our equipment can be modified and multi-purposed to help you get the most from your investment

Practical and functional solutions are the foundation of the Hamilton Form design and service philosophy. That’s why over the years, more and more customers have come to depend on the personalized attention and experience they find at Hamilton Form to help solve their toughest forming and production challenges.

And, over the years, Hamilton Form has invested in the industry through support and involvement with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. We volunteer on committees, support the Institute through sponsorships, attend national and regional meetings and events and contribute to the PCI Foundation because we believe in the value and the great potential of this industry. As the industry evolves, the Institute helps us stay informed of new research and developments that help shape the way we serve the industry now and in the future. Visit www.hamiltonform.com.

"Hamilton Form is proud to be a PCI Premier Partner because… It’s our Industry, It’s our Institute." -Hamilton Form