The PCI Proctored Exam Program provides a means to take a certification exam separate from those administered at PCI’s QC Schools. It also allows you to prepare for one or more certification exams by self-study, before taking the certification exam.

The Proctored Exam Request process is administered through the PCI CMS. In addition to the information on this page, detailed instructions on how to request a proctored exam can also be accessed from PCI CMS Instructions.

Request a Proctored Exam

Examinees must make the arrangements with an approved proctor to administer their certification exam(s). The examinee and proctor arrange the exam location, date and time.

Instructions for Arranging a Local Proctor

  1. PCI does not pay proctors any fees they may charge for administering the exam. The certification candidate is responsible for proposing a suitable proctor and paying the proctor’s associated fees.
  2. Exam date and location process
    • The exam location/site and date are decided by agreement between the candidate and the proctor. These arrangements must be finalized before submitting the request for a proctored exam.
    • The proctored exam request must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the exam date.
    • Candidates scheduled to take multiple proctored exams must successfully complete any pre-requisite exams before taking subsequent exams. All exams can be taken in one day.
      • For Level I and II exam requests, the proctor will confirm successful completion of the Level I examination via the PCI CMS post-exam scoring report before allowing the candidate to start the Level II exam.
      • Note that the same process also applies to Level II and III, and CFA and CCA exam requests.
    • To facilitate secure exam administration, all exam sites must:
      • Be quiet, free of disruption, and of adequate size to comfortably accommodate the examinee(s);
      • Have adequate and comfortable ventilation, lighting, and temperature;
      • Be monitored by proctors;
      • Have entrances/exits controlled/monitored with working fire exits available;
      • Have clocks that are visible to the proctors and examinees;
      • Have access to water and restroom facilities;
      • Be compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) when required for an examinee with a disability; and
      • When there are multiple examinees, provide seating in a way that ensures that examinees are not able to see each other’s exams, and that they are visible to the proctor.
    • To administer online exams, the exam site must have:
      • a desktop computer or laptop with reliable internet access and
      • either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser installed to run the computer-based test application.

Proctor Requirements

Proctors must supervise the exam process in accordance with PCI requirements, to prevent and monitor for fraudulent examination practices. All proctors must be approved in advance by PCI. Visit Proctor Resources for more information.

How to Request a Proctored Exam

  1. PCI has upgraded its certification software and has implemented an online Certification Management System (CMS). Proctored exam requests and individual certification applications for Level I, Level II, Level III, GFRC, CFA and CCA certification must be completed and submitted using the new online forms in the CMS.

    Request a Proctored Exam

  2. All proctored exam requests must be submitted no less than two weeks before the planned exam date.
  3. Candidates can request a proctored exam or someone else can request a proctored exam on the behalf of the candidate. To request a proctored exam, use the Certification Dashboard and click on the Exam tile to complete the Proctored Exam Request. Please have credit card information ready (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card). Payment must be completed before submitting the request. Alternatively, contact PCI for instructions on how to pay by check or ACH.
  4. PCI will review the candidate’s request for proctored examination for approval of the selected proctor, the exam date, and other information provided to PCI by the requesting party.
    • PCI will respond to the submitting party via email to confirm receipt of the request and may request additional information, if necessary.
    • If PCI approves the exam request, PCI will email the proctor, examinee(s), and/or the requesting party, a confirmation of the exam session approval with additional instructions on the administration of the exam(s).