Changes to PCI’s Architectural Certification Program

At its June meeting, the PCI Board of Directors approved changes to PCI’s Plant Certification Program (PCI Policy 20) that involve the architectural certification group. The current architectural products group includes categories A1 (Architectural Cladding and Load Bearing Units) and AT (Architectural Trim). Beginning with plant certifications issued July 1, 2020, PCI will start a one-year transition to a new series of categories, as category A1 will be replaced by four separate categories (AA, AB, AC, and AD).

The changes in architectural certification categories are in response to new aesthetic and performance demands for wall systems in many projects being built today and are based upon consultation with interested stakeholders in the design community. The effort is intended to better align design community expectations with plant production capabilities. The additional certification categories are also expected to provide enhanced precast concrete products to meet the aesthetic, installation, and performance demands for projects with more complex BIM-generated exterior envelope requirements.

In the new program, the AA, AB, AC, and AD categories replace the current A1 architectural certification. Category AT will continue. Categories AA and AB will include enhanced detail and finish requirements. Category AC will remain essentially the same as the current A1 designation, while the new AD provisions match those currently required in the CA and BA categories.

Here are some key dates in this transition:

Mid-January 2020 Initial program application and supporting documentation provided to plants
April 1, 2020 Initial applications for certification in the new categories are due
July 1, 2020 Initial plant audits to the new program are initiated
July 1, 2020 Renewal certificates will include existing categories. Issuance of new category certificates begins as certification requirements are met.
December 31, 2020 Initial certification audits to new categories are completed. Plants have until 6/30/21 to resolve architectural certification category issues.
June 30, 2021 One-year transition period ends; renewal certificates include only the new categories

Watch for additional details in future newsletters, other PCI publications, and separate emails during the coming months.

Changes to Policy 20 (Plant Certification Program) and Policy 29 (PCI Erector Certification Program)

At its June meeting, the PCI Board of Directors approved changes to PCI’s Plant Certification Program (Policy 20) and PCI’s Erector Certification Program (Policy 29). Copies of these revised policies were emailed to all plant and erector contacts within the last week. If you have not received a copy, please email


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