CCA Quality Control School- Online September 2024

PCI offers training courses (QC Schools) to prepare individuals for PCI personnel certification examinations. It is important to note that passing an examination satisfies only one of the requirements of personnel certification and that the final decision on certification is made independently by the PCI Quality Assurance department. More information about additional certification requirements (including related experience requirements) can be found here. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PCI is offering special reduced price online training for quality control technicians to prepare for PCI personnel certification examinations right from the comfort of your own home or office.

The QC Online Course will cover each day of course without the exam; however, the registration price includes one free proctored exam per level. All attendees are asked to schedule and take the exam in person with a registered proctor, at additional cost, after taking the course. The PCI Proctored Exam program will be discussed in the class and more information about PCI’s Proctored Exam Program and the PCI Personnel Certification Program will be provided upon registration.

Course books, and additional details-including a Dropbox link with additional course material, will be sent approximately 4 weeks before the course start.

Designed especially for experienced CFA's, the Certified Company Auditor (CCA) course prepares individuals to audit the work of other CFA's. The CCA course endeavors to review:

  • The concepts of quality and quality assurance
  • The importance of field quality control
  • The role of the Certified Company Auditor
  • The defined body of knowledge
  • The importance of an effective safety plan
  • The components of a safety plan
  • How to conduct a Company Quality Audit

The CCA training class is offered once per year and is packed with activity: networking opportunities, student-instructor interaction, and certification examinations. Students will receive copies of the Erector's Manual, MNL-127, and the Erection Safety Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete, MNL-132, plus class notes and extensive reference material.

Don't See an Employee on your List?
Contact your PCI Company Administrator to add them to your PCI roster. If you don't know your Company Admin, search for them on the PCI Resources page, or, reach out to for more information. Please be aware that your roster will need to refresh overnight in order for them to show up on the list. You will be able to register them for the event the morning after they are added to the roster. You can watch a video of a webinar we held about company admins: Company Admin Webinar


Technical Requirements
This course will run via the software. To participate fully in the course, participants will need internet access. 

Disclaimer: By submitting your course event registration, you hereby grant permission to PCI and PCI Region Affiliates to use this information to communicate with you regarding this course and other services.
9/13/2024 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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