Level I and II Quality Control School- Online June 2024

PCI offers training courses (QC Schools) to prepare individuals for PCI personnel certification examinations. It is important to note that passing an examination satisfies only one of the requirements of personnel certification and that the final decision on certification is made independently by the PCI Quality Assurance department.
The QC Online Course will cover each day of course without the exam; however, the registration price includes one free proctored exam per level. All attendees are asked to schedule and take the exam in person with a registered proctor, at additional cost, after taking the course. The PCI Proctored Exam program will be discussed in the class and more information about PCI’s Proctored Exam Program and the PCI Personnel Certification Program will be provided upon registration.

Course books, and additional details-including a Dropbox link with additional course material, will be sent approximately 4 weeks before the course start.

Level I begins the series of exciting quality control Schools and starts off with a review of PCI certification programs, both plant and personnel. The curriculum was developed especially for quality control personnel, engineers, technician/managers, plant managers/superintendents, consulting engineers, and technicians. However, the schools and certifications are open to everyone involved in planning, operations, and quality control in the precast products industry.

The curriculum continues at Level II with intermediate concrete topics and mix design concepts. Prestressing is introduced - attendees run calculations and discuss correction factors. The Level I & II program is packed with activities: round-table discussions, practice sessions, student-instructor interaction, and certification examinations. Students will receive a copy of the valuable Quality Control Technician/Inspector Level I & II Training Manual, TM-101, plus class notes and extensive reference material sent via a Dropbox link.

The course is four (4) sessions long and covers basic concrete topics; mix design concepts (such as the water/cementitious ratio) are introduced and as well as beginning design concepts such as concrete strength, conventional reinforcing bars, and concrete testing

  • Each session is designed to optimize learning regarding the standards defined by plant quality control manuals MNL-116 and MNL-117
  • Content is useful in the design and production of precast, prestressed concrete structures
  • Students will receive a copy of the valuable Quality Control Technician/Inspector Level I & II Training Manual, TM-101, plus class notes and extensive reference material sent via a digital DropBox link. School Fees Include training manuals. Training manuals will be sent via FedEx to your work address as set in your account upon receipt of paid registration, if you need them sent to a different address, please correct the address in your PCI account. FedEx will not deliver to a P.O. Box, so please provide a physical address.
Don't See an Employee on your List?
Contact your PCI Company Administrator to add them to your PCI roster. If you don't know your Company Admin, search for them on the PCI Resources page, or, reach out to Membership@pci.org for more information. Please be aware that your roster will need to refresh overnight in order for them to show up on the list. You will be able to register them for the event the morning after they are added to the roster. You can watch a video of a webinar we held about company admins: Company Admin Webinar

Note: If registering multiple people for this course, please ensure that each registrant has their individual email address associated with their account as confirmation emails and further information will be sent directly to them. 

Technical Requirements
This course will run via the GoToTraining.com software. To participate fully in the course, participants will need internet access. 
6/17/2024 1:00 PM - 6/20/2024 5:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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