The Art of Thin Brick Precast Facades Workshop

This is an in-person 90 minute workshop. Two Sessions: Wed., Oct. 18 (space limited to 40 people/session); Session 1: 12–1:30pm & Session 2: 3–4:30pm Eastern Location: Belden Tri-State Building Materials, 333 7th Ave. 5th Floor NY, NY (Between 28th & 29th St.)

The Art of Thin Brick Precast Facades Workshop

90-minute program for 1.5 AIA HSW LU / up to 1.5 PDH

Two Sessions: Wed., Oct. 18 (space limited to 40 people/session); Session 1: 12–1:30pm & Session 2: 3–4:30pm Eastern
This is a free program, but you must register to attend. Lunch will be provided for Session 1, snack and refreshments for Session 2. Workshop notes and facility tour will be available at the conclusion.
Location: Belden Tri-State Building Materials, 333 7th Ave. 5th Floor NY, NY (Between 28th & 29th St.)

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The use of clay product-faced precast concrete has evolved since the early 1960s into the designer’s choice for unlimited aesthetic options on all types of structures. It gives the architect the flexibility to combine the pleasing visual appearance of traditional clay products with the strength, versatility, and economy of precast concrete. Among the types of materials that can be embedded in the precast concrete are brick, ceramic tile, porcelain, and architectural terra cotta. These clay product facings may cover the exposed panel surface entirely or only part of the concrete face, creating accents. The demand for thin brick in precast concrete led PCI to develop a standard for embedded thin brick in precast concrete panels so that the design community can have control over the performance of their precast components.

Participants attending this program will explore the aesthetic options available incorporating thin brick in building enclosure precast systems, technical aspects when designing thin brick in precast panels, as well as the resiliency and insulated performance properties of the building material.  Numerous case studies and regional projects will also be highlighted in presentations. 
Collaborators and Speakers
  • Randy Wilson, Director, Architectural Precast Systems, PCI
  • Rita Seraderian, Executive Director, PCI Northeast
  • Dawn Decker, Executive Director, PCI Mid-Atlantic
  • Robert Ascrizzi, Vice President, Belden Tri-State
  • John Stafford, Architectural Sales Rep., Endicott Brick
  • Marshall Walters, Owner & Founder, AP Formliners
Program Learning Objectives
  1. Describe methods to achieve color, form and texture.
  2. Review embedded clay product resources.
  3. Understand design economy considerations to optimize panel layouts.
  4. Understand insulated panel fabrication techniques.
  5. Understand R-values & insulation types as it related to building envelope performance.
  6. Discuss erection procedures and transportation considerations.
  7. Learn about precast specifications, design resources, & the plant certification program.
  8. Explain precast applications using several cases studies.
Belden Tri-State – Topics:
  • Background discussion of Thin Brick
  • Manufacturing Process
Endicott Brick – Topics:
  • Specifications – PCI and ASTM Requirements
  • PCI Compliance Requirements
  • Types of Thin Brick
AP Formliners – Topics:
  • Master Molds and Formliner materials
  • Formliner Types for Thin Brick
    • Single-Use Applications
    • Multi-Use Applications
  • Tolerances and Special Shapes
Q&A Roundtable Discussion Topics: Working with the Precaster, Designer and Contractor
  • Sample and mockup processes
  • Panelization details and documents
  • Joints and connection considerations
  • Site logistics/transportation/crane placement/installation
  • Repairs in Plant and/or Onsite

Robert Ascrizzi serves as the Vice President of sales for Belden Tri-State Building materials and has been with the company since 2006. He is also a BIA certified brick specialist. Robert graduated from Muhlenberg College where he studied Business and Environmental studies. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and golf.

John Stafford is with Endicott Clay products, one of the premier brick manufacturers specializing in producing PCI compliant Thin Brick. John has been with the company for two years, and in the thin brick industry for seven! John’s current role is the Architectural Representative for the Northeast Region of the United States & Canada, working hand in hand with Architects, Brick Distributors, Formliner Companies, & Precast Producers!

Marshall Walters is the owner and founder of Architectural Polymers. Architectural Polymers has been a leader and innovator in the concrete form fabrication industry for 30 years, offering concrete solutions to meet the individual needs of pre-cast, tilt-up and cast-in-place construction projects. He has developed a vast array of innovative methods that offer a superior solution to traditional brickwork and masonry and benefits the architectural community. Applications range from high quality concrete form liner molds for decorative concrete art on North America’s highways to custom manufacturing thin brick inlay systems to clad schools, hospitals, commercial office buildings, condominiums, and parking decks. Marshall is a PCI Architectural Precast Committee Member and graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. Humanities/Business Applications in 1991.

Belden Tri-State Building Materials, 333 7th Ave. 5th Floor, New York, NY United States
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Includes lunch. Limited to 40 people.
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
10/18/2023 12:00 PM

Includes snack and refreshments. Limited to 40 people.
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
10/18/2023 3:00 PM


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