PCI has recognized the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through the creation of the Industry Diversity Committee in 2018, which aligns with Goal 3 of the PCI Strategic Plan. Roksana Taghizedeh, Industry Diversity Committee chair, put out a call to committee members to submit essays and personal statements on the importance of DEI initiatives in the professional space.

This platform provides a space for our industry to stay relevant and healthy by fostering collaboration from a diverse group of contributors, thus producing creative solutions and the identification of more opportunities for members.

We look forward to your active participation in this initiative. If we can reduce our unconscious biases and provide equal access to opportunities and resources, our industry will continue to thrive.

Share your diversity strategy and or any further questions about this committee at membership@pci.org.

Latest DEI Blog Entries

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Posted on 9/2/2020
There seems to be widespread agreement that a more diverse office environment is a more productive office and environment. There is no doubt that the general population is growing more diverse. So why is it that our office environments in the...