The PCI Research and Development Council is now soliciting applications for research fellowships. Applications are due to by August 9, 2024.

Since 1971, PCI has awarded over 150 fellowships to more than 50 different universities. These fellowships have advanced the precast concrete industry through financial support of graduate engineering students and research while also engaging faculty in the precast concrete industry, introducing students to the benefits of precast concrete, and connecting the student, faculty, and PCI members for future networking opportunities.

The Daniel P. Jenny Research Fellowship program is open to any research topic relevant to the precast concrete industry and which advances the state of the art of precast concrete design, fabrication, or construction. Daniel P. Jenny was a former Vice President and Research Director of PCI.

The Dennis R. Mertz Bridge Research Fellowship is open to research topics relevant to design, materials, or construction of precast concrete bridges. Dr. Dennis R. Mertz was a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Delaware. He was one of the principal investigators who developed the AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Bridge Design Specifications. This research fellowship in memory of Dr. Mertz was established in 2017.

For each fellowship awarded, an industry advisory committee is formed. This committee is available for consultation and guidance relative to standard practices in the industry. The student and advising professor are provided unique access to industry professionals throughout the progress of the project.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to