JVI was created in 1980 with a simple thought in mind…be the very best at what we choose to do. In those early days, we called ourselves “The Bearing Pad People” as that was all we did. But even with that very narrow focus, it was possible to excel. Sensing a need for an innovative product for bearing pads, JVI embarked on a research and development adventure from which emerged the introduction of Masticord, the first engineered bearing pad designed specifically for precast/prestressed concrete applications. Since the introduction of Masticord, bearing pad failures became a thing of the past.

Fast-forward to 1993. JVI was invited to represent the new (then) PSA Slotted Insert line for the U.S. market. Because of its streamlined innovative design, it became an instant success. More importantly, it served as a wake-up call that JVI could be more than “just” The Bearing Pad People. From that point on, our corporate culture became one of seeking out applications in precast/prestressed connections in need of improvement. The thinking was that if we could develop innovative solutions to tough connection challenges, we would be helping the industry and by extension…ourselves.

Fast-forward to 1995. JVI was approached at the Reno convention in ’95 by a Norwegian group asking us to represent a line of hidden connections for beams, columns, and staircases. This is a special line of connections and is specified by architects who simply don’t want corbels or haunches in their structures. And from their original offerings, which we still represent, we have developed “The Shooter”, a slick new way to hang double tees and beams.

Fast-forward to 1999. JVI became aware of a serious deficiency in the performance of flange connectors in double tees. Their “non-performance” was causing a crisis of confidence in the consideration of precast for some designers. After much brainstorming, The Vector Connector was born. Once again, innovative problem-solving yielded a new product that revolutionized the use of flange connectors and restored a sense of confidence in the choice of the precast option. The Vector Connnector is in its third iteration and remains far and away the standard of the industry.

Fast-forward to 2011. JVI prides itself in “innovative problem-solving”. We prefer to be known for introducing new and better solutions that help to advance our industry rather than by how many products are in our “stable”.

Early in our history, JVI quickly became aware of the existence of The Prestressed Concrete Institute. We immediately joined as associate members and became deeply involved in committee work. This has carried through to the present. We all are deeply involved in all areas of PCI, from TAC to marketing to membership to communication. This volunteerism carries over into our everyday activities. We consider ourselves as enthusiastic ambassadors for the precast industry whenever we are out and about.

Throughout all its years in business, JVI has been known for the friendly, yet professional way we do business. We have always felt that whatever we are doing there is always room for humor. And anyone who has come into contact with The JVI Team knows that particular style of humor which is uniquely JVI. We joyously and generously give of our time and expertise to anyone whom we can help. And we can have a laugh now and then because we feel that what we do seriously…we do better than anybody!

For more information visit www.jvi-inc.com.