e.Construct is a specialty structural engineering firm headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We do business throughout the United States and in Canada. We also do business in the Middle East, India and North Africa through our partner, e.Construct.AE, FZ headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We are passionate about offering engineering solutions that give a high value to our client. Our collective experience in precast prestressed design and detailing amounts to hundreds of years.

We have designed and detailed numerous award winning buildings and bridges in the US and abroad. The most recent PCI Awards are one 2012 Honorable Mention Award for a bridge in Canada, two 2014 PCI Award winners in the US, a church and a medical facility, and one 2014 Award winner in Dubai, a hotel. We designed the longest span pedestrian bridge in Lincoln, Nebraska. We designed the rehab of a major steel truss bridge New Brunswick, Canada, using an innovative composite precast deck and innovative automated construction equipment. We have done a number of parking structures and data centers, ranging from simple to complex structure. We designed the Miami Science Museum precast concrete dome, constructed in early 2015. We designed several curved girder bridges such as the PCI Award winning Arbor Road Bridge in Lincoln, NE and the Wekiva Flyover in Orlando, FL. We designed the Boardwalk Arcade eight-plex luxury condominium on the shores of Cape May, New Jersey.

e.Construct USA, LLC was founded in 2009. Our partner in the UAE was founded in 2003; however, our history with precast prestressed concrete dates back to the 1960s. Our founder and managing partner, Dr. Maher Tadros, has had an illustrious career in research, teaching and design of precast prestressed concrete. He is a PCI Titan, elected in 2004 at the fiftieth anniversary of PCI as one of the fifty most "industry-altering" contributors to precast prestressed concrete. He has won numerous other research, teaching and design awards. Other company leaders in the US are Ron Volberding, Amgad Girgis, Chuanbing Sun, Brad Schipper, Rich Jordening and Rick Berry. The company currently has 15 engineers and detailers in Omaha and over 100 complementary personnel in the overseas offices of Dubai and Sharjah, UAE, Cairo, Egypt, Amman, Jordan, and Cochin, India.

e.Construct prides itself in putting the client’s interest as the top priority, even if it requires doing extra design. We strive to assist clients starting with concept development through project completion. We pay attention to for speedy construction, while lowering contractor risk.