CONAC was established in 1985 to provide cost effective materials of the highest quality to manufacturers of precast concrete products. Now, after these many years of successful operation, CONAC enjoys the loyalty of hundreds of precast concrete manufacturers thru-out the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. Our products are marketed by a network of sales professionals who spend quality “face time” with each of our customers on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves on providing the finest customer service in the industry. We ship most orders the same day from our stocked warehouses in Duluth, GA and Las Vegas, NV. Our competent and courteous customer service personnel are knowledgeable and helpful and also have the support of other technical service assistants when needed.

CONAC’s products include a complete line of high quality steel lifting inserts and devices, plastic rebar supports, spacers and wheel chairs and a variety of other accessories such as tie wires, concrete test cylinder molds, shims, double-faced tape, sheathing, etc.

We are a financially sound company which allows us to take advantage of raw material cost fluctuations, assuring that we can maintain our position as the low-cost producer in the industry.

CONAC is renowned as an innovative company who is constantly searching for new and better ways to support the needs of our customers. Over the years we have introduced numerous products from Europe and around the world that have become staples in the industry. At the same time we are constantly evaluating the products we already have for ways to improve their capacity or make them more user friendly and/or more economical.