BASF’s Construction Chemicals division under their Master Builders Solutions brand offers advanced chemical solutions and innovative technologies for new construction, maintenance, repair or renovation of structures. The Admixture Systems products and technologies bring value to the precast/prestressed concrete market including self-consolidating concrete, workability and placeability improvements, set control and shrinkage reduction, durability and corrosion control, and production efficiencies.

Recently, BASF introduced a MasterGlenium high-range water-reducer for fast wet-out to the precast/prestressed concrete market, allowing for reduction in valuable production time. BASF’s MasterSure Z 60 workability-retaining admixture continues to be an important technology for providing flexible degrees of slump retention without retardation. In addition, BASF offers the MasterFiber® line of macrosynthetic and microsynthetic reinforcing fibers for secondary reinforcement, providing excellent plastic shrinkage control and reduced settlement cracking. BASF also offers an entire line of surface enhancing chemicals for beautiful, exposed aggregate concrete.

BASF employees form a worldwide community of experts that are passionate about providing specific solutions to challenges within all stages of construction as well as the lifecycle of the structure. Utilizing their worldwide resources, BASF works globally to develop advanced technologies and innovative chemistries that will ensure their customers achieve reduced operating costs, improved plant efficiency and enhanced finished products.