Throughout the years PCI has developed a number of prestigious awards to honor authors of exceptional contributions to our prized publication, PCI Journal.

The Martin P. Korn Award, named in honor of PCI’s first Executive Director, recognizes the paper offering the greatest contribution to the advancement of precast prestressed concrete technology in research and design.

The Robert J. Lyman Award, named in honor of PCI’s third president, recognizes the paper offering the greatest contribution to the advancement of plant production, site erection, or general construction of precast concrete structures.

The George D. Nasser Award, named for former PCI Journal editor emeritus, recognizes papers relating to the design, research, production, or construction of precast concrete structures from authors who are 40 years of age or younger.

The Charles C. Zollman Award was originally established in 1981 as the State-of-the-Art Award, and was renamed to honor PCI’s first Technical Activities Committee chair. It recognizes meritorious papers that advance the general understanding and knowledge of precast prestressed concrete by bringing together all available knowledge of a specific topic in a single report.

The T.Y. Lin Award, which is given by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Professor T. Y. Lin, an eminent prestressed concrete pioneer, endowed the award to ASCE in 1968 to recognize outstanding engineers and their contributions to the field of prestressed concrete. The award is presented each year to the best paper written or coauthored by members of ASCE in the various publications of ASCE, PCI, and the American Concrete Institute during a 12-month period.