PCI Titans are nominated and honored every ten years on the anniversary of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. The Titans of the Industry are dedicated individuals who have provided exceptional contributions, have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service in innovation and in advancing the growth of the precast concrete industry. Nominations for new Titans of PCI will close April 14, 2023.

For more information or to submit a candidate, contact Philip McConnell, PCI’s Coordinator of Membership & Administrative Services, at pmcconnell@pci.org.

Award Details
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Award Nomination Form
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Titans of the Industry

Elected 2024

Roger Becker
Dr. Reid Castrodale
Pat Hynes
Jason P. Lien
Dr. Richard A. Miller
Andrew E.N. Osborn
Sami H. Rizkalla
Stephen J. Seguirant
Keith Wallis, Jr.
Gary N. Wildung

Elected 2014

Dr. Ned M. Cleland
William F. Daily
Gregory F. Force
Sidney Freedman
Harry A. Gleich
Michael W. LaNier
Edwin A. McDougle *
Dr. Paul Zia *

Elected 2004

Arthur R. Anderson *
Thomas B. Battles, AIA *
W. Burr Bennett *
Mario J. Bertolini *
Arnold Brown *
Ross H. Bryan *
T. Henry Clark *
Thomas J. D'Arcy
William E. Dean *
Harry H. Edwards *
E.L. Erickson *
Robert D. Finfrock
Sepp Firnkas *
Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. *
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Ghosh
Armand H. Gustaferro *
Ted J. Gutt *
David W. Hanson *
R. Rex Hartup *
Dr. Neil M. Hawkins
Charles E. Hilgeman *
Ervind Hognestad *
Kai Holbeck *
Francis J. Jacques *
Jack Janney *
Daniel P. Jenny *
T.Y. Lin *
Donald R. Logan *
Leslie Martin *
Robert F. Mast *
Dr. Alan H. Mattock *
Henry Nagy *
George D. Nasser
Roy L. Peck *
Jack Perlmutter *
H. Kent Preston *
Adelard A. Roy *
Norman L. Scott *
A. Fattah Shaikh *
Robert H. Singer *
Irwin Speyer *
Dr. C. Douglas Sutton
Maher Tadros, PhD, PE
Tom A. Thomas, Jr. *
Peter Verna *
James R. Voss
Helmuth Wilden
Charles W. Wilson *
Dr. Alfred A. Yee *
Charles C. Zollman *

* Deceased