SP-DC-75 Design Considerations for Precast Apartment Bldgs
SP-DC-75 Design Considerations for Precast Apartment Bldgs
Design Considerations for a Precast Prestressed Apartment Building Hard Copy (SP-DC-75)

A special volume consisting of a series of eight papers, which first appeared in the PCI JOURNAL. These papers, authored by nationally-prominent consulting engineers, give a step-by-step design procedure for constructing a typical high-rise precast prestressed concrete building from conceptual planning to final erection. The titles of the eight papers and their respective authors are: "Design Problem" Eugene P. Holland and Laurence E. Svab "Analysis of Lateral Load Resisting Elements" John V. Christiansen "Design of Load Bearing Wall Panels" Charles H. Raths "Design of Secondary Floor Members" Michael H. Barrett, Neil F. Dunbar, and David D. Gillespie "Design of Frame" Richard M. Gensert, Miklos Peller, Kirit Parikh, and Richard Y. Fujita "Design of Prestressed Concrete Pile Foundations" George C. Fotinos "Design for Erection Considerations" Alfred A. Yee and Fred R. Masuda "Design Against Progressive Collapse" Alexander Popoff, Jr.

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