PCI Bridge Design Manual, 4th Edition, 2023 FREE PDF

PCI Bridge Design Manual, 4th Edition, 2023 FREE PDF
PCI Bridge Design Manual, 4th Edition Free PDF (MNL-133-23)

This new edition of the PCI Bridge Design Manual presents both preliminary and final design information for standard beams and most precast and precast, prestressed concrete products and systems used for transportation structures. Load calibration and time-dependent loss computations are extensively discussed, and the manual features updated design examples as well as references to design examples found in the third edition (MNL-133-11).

The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised to explain and amplify the application of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and to illustrate the effects from shrinkage and creep of the cast-in-place concrete deck. Topics in this comprehensive design manual include background information, strategies for economy, fabrication techniques, design loads, preliminary design tables, design theory, and selected design examples. Chapters also address sustainability, bearings, extending spans, curved and skewed bridges, integral bridges, segmental bridges, additional bridge products, railroad bridges, load rating, repair and rehabilitation, and recreational bridges. Chapters on seismic design and piles will be included in a later printing.

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